Saddle up for the St. Raphael Roundup!  Catholic Schools Week

January 31, 2016 – February 5, 2016 

Sunday: Students who wear their uniform to any Mass will receive a “no-uniform” pass. 
Open House after Mass until 1:00pm, with guided tours of the school beginning at 9:00am. For those who are new to us - the staff attends 9:30 Mass, and we have campus tours from 9am-1pm.

Monday:  Howdy Partner! 
Come to school dressed in your Western best as we become “Cowboys for Christ”!  Western music will play (each day) as we enter for morning announcements.  We kick off our week of faith, knowledge and service with a proclamation by Fr. Tim in his Western drawl and cowboy hat!  After morning announcements, all students and staff will do some “boot scootin” (that’s line dancing), cowboy style! Student Council will tell a western joke at random times during each day, and announce times during the week to “lasso a good book” - stop, drop and read!

Tuesday:  Parent Appreciation   
Available teachers and staff will pass out trail mix treat bags (“Happy trails to you, thanks for all you do!”) to parents on arrival in the morning.  All students will lunch at the same time (make your way to the field at 11:45am), and families are invited to bring a picnic lunch and blanket to the field.  There will be no school lunch provided for students or staff today.  Mrs. Bogataj will ring the triangle to signal it’s time for chow!  The students will be working in Art Class on a gift for their parents in a Western theme, which they will take home today.

Wednesday:  Our Roundup of Knowledge   
Yeehaw!  Our middle school students will test their knowledge with the Geography Bee at 12:30pm in the Parish Centeri, as the Science Fair previews today!  Grades EC4 – 5 will recite some Western poetry or sing some cowboy songs for us, right after morning announcements.  Perhaps a little square dancing after the show? 

Thursday: Priest Appreciation
After Mass, the school will present a gift from the students to Father Tim, a 10-gallon hat and sheriff’s badge.  We will then invite the priests to join us in the Parish Center to play Faith Jeopardy for 30 minutes.  Each team of 9 (mixed classes) will sit around the “not-prickly” cactus!  In the afternoon, we will make our way to the courtyard around 2:00pm for a 2:15pm all-school Rosary. 

Friday: Student Appreciation   
Get roped in at our Western Roundup!  Join us on the field for game day – cowboy style!   We will play a variety of Western style games like horseshoes, pass the corn, pan for gold, wheelbarrow race, toss the snake into the boot, lasso the steer, and/or life-sized tic-tac-toe!   We complete our week with a gathering on the field in a circle to sing “Happy Trails” (we will get a copy to each class to practice beforehand), until we meet again – on Monday!


 Catholic Schools:  A Community of Faith, Knowledge and Service… 
and a great place to hang your hat!