Home and School Association

Home and School Members

All St. Raphael Catholic School parents, faculty, and staff are members of the St Raphael Home & School Association. The purpose of this association is to strengthen the partnership between the home and school by sponsoring activities or functions that foster a greater sense of community. The H&S Association supports the purpose and policies of the school, participates in school activities, and provides financial assistance to the school through various fundraising events.   

  • Home and School Bylaws

Members of the 2018 - 2019 Home and School  Association Board 
Principal – Kathy Bogataj 
President – Cymbre Lom
Vice President - Robin Depenbrock
Secretary – Jenn Taylor & Katherine Zehr
Treasurer – Destiny Quillin and Tracey Quillin 

Members at Large 
Matthew Caldwell
Cheryl Matala
Rasa Grant
Coleen Taylor
Ana Barrios
Dawn Bielawski
Lisa Pollard