The St. Raphael Catholic School Advisory Council is an elected group of parents who meet monthly and act in an advisory status to the Administration of the school. 

Members of the 2017 - 2018 School Advisory Council (SAC)

Ex-Officio – Fr. Tim Sherwood & Principal – Kathy Bogataj

Chairperson – Lorena Ossa

Vice Chair – Laura Bruce

Secretary – Anita Knepprath

Members at Large – Karen Hanes,  Andrea Vigrass, Ashleigh Thornton, Candace Buttitta





SECTION I. Purpose

The mission of St. Raphael Catholic School is to provide our students with a genuine understanding and application of our Catholic faith, academic excellence, and formation of moral character. In support of carrying out the mission, St. Raphael Catholic School recognizes the value of a School Advisory Council (SAC). 

The SAC of St. Raphael Catholic School is a body whose members are selected or elected through a process determined by the Pastor and Principal.  SAC members are expected to participate in offering assistance in designated areas of responsibility to the Pastor and Principal.  SAC does not have the power to enact policy, but exists to offer advice, guidance, and support to the Pastor and Principal, in specific areas as requested by the Pastor and Principal.  Such advice and assistance are especially encouraged in the areas of public relations, student retention and recruitment, fundraising and development, and the strengthening of parental and community support for the school.  The Principal is responsible for the operation of the school and its programs and he or she is accountable solely to the Pastor.  

SECTION II. Duties and Functions of the SAC

A.  To provide guidance and support in regard to the educational goals and objectives of St. Raphael Catholic School. 

B. To review and evaluate the programs and policies of St. Raphael Catholic School as requested by the Pastor and/or Principal.

C. To ensure institutional advancement with the integration of long range strategic planning objectives.

D. To work in tandem with the St. Raphael Home and School Association to advance the interests of St. Raphael Catholic School and its community.

E.  To be a resource to the Pastor and Principal on any items related to the mission of St. Raphael Catholic School and its community.



The SAC shall consist of eight (8) members who shall be representative of the St. Raphael Catholic School parents and its parish community.  As part of the eight members, there will be at least one (1) parishioner without children currently enrolled in St. Raphael Catholic School (nonparent). Additionally, the goal will be to have a SAC member who has a child enrolled in our middle school program.  SAC members will be deeply interested in promoting Christian education and representing the interests of our community as a whole.


In addition to the above members, there shall be three X-officio members: The Pastor, The Principal, and the Home and School Association President.  The Home and School Association President can delegate their attendance at the monthly SAC meetings to any current Home and School Association member. 


SAC membership shall be for a term of three (3) years to commence at the last meeting of the school year.  A SAC member may serve a second three (3) year term at the discretion of the Pastor and Principal   Upon serving two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms, a SAC member must wait a year before being eligible to be considered for a new term.


SAC shall identify potential new members during the first quarter of each calendar year.  The goal is to have at least two (2) nominees for each vacancy. If there are more potential new members than vacancies, school wide elections will be held.  Only parents with a current or incoming St. Raphael student are eligible to cast a vote.   


Any SAC member who is not able to complete their term of office, or misses three (3) consecutive meetings without sufficient reason can be replaced by Pastor and Principal.


Vacancies on the SAC occurring during the term of office of a member due to resignation, illness, or other extenuating circumstances will be filled by the Pastor and Principal.  



The Officers of the SAC shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary.


Officers will be elected for a term of one (1) year and may succeed themselves only once. The Officers shall be elected by the members of the SAC at the last meeting of the school year.   Only those SAC members whose term is not expiring at the end of the school year are eligible to vote.  

SECTION III.  Duties of Officers

A.  The Chairman shall preside at meetings and perform such other duties that pertain to the leadership of the SAC.

B.  The Vice Chairman shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman and shall perform such other duties designated by the SAC.

C.  The Secretary shall keep an accurate account of the proceedings of each meeting, send notices of all meetings, work with the Chairman to develop an agenda for all meetings, handle all the correspondence of the council, and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Council.



The SAC shall meet once a month except during the summer months. Meeting dates are subject to change or postponement by the Chairman. Special or additional meetings shall be held whenever called by the Chairman or the majority of the SAC.


A majority of the SAC is necessary for the transaction of business at meetings and a majority of those present and voting shall be sufficient for any decision or election, except an Amendment to these Bylaws as hereafter provided.

SECTION III. Rules of Procedure

The SAC may fix its own rules of procedure but in the absence of such rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall apply.

SECTION IV. Committees

SAC members are expected to make best efforts to participate in the committees organized to support the advancement of the St. Raphael Catholic School mission.  Along with their role as a committee member they will be expected to report, on a minimum of a quarterly basis, to SAC in regard to current strategic focus and goals of said committee.  The report will occur at a regular monthly SAC meeting.  Current committees are:   Operational Vitality, Learning Environment, Catholic Identity and Enrollment Management.  In addition to these foundational committees there may be committees created to support various goals of St. Raphael Catholic School.  SAC members should make best effort to participate in these additional committees. 


All meetings of the SAC shall be open meetings. The right of anyone to address the SAC shall be limited to those whose written petition has been approved for the agenda at least two (2) weeks in advance of a scheduled meeting. If business of a confidential must be transacted, the SAC reserves the right to retire to a closed door session.



These Bylaws may be amended, supplemented, suspended, or repealed in whole or in part at any time by two thirds (2/3) vote of all members of the SAC.  Any Amendments shall be presented to the SAC at least two (2) weeks prior to a scheduled meeting.  SAC Bylaws will be reviewed every three (3) years.
Updated May 2016

Christ is the cornerstone of St. Raphael Catholic School, 
where we empower all to strive for academic excellence, 
provide faith-filled service to others, 
reflect Catholic values, 
and become responsible leaders of the Church and community.