(effective 9/1/07)



The name of this organization shall be ST. RAPHAEL HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION (hereafter referred to as the “Association”).


1. To provide a forum for communication between school administration/ faculty and students / parents (including entire Catholic community). The Association is structured so that parents can articulate their values and express their wishes regarding the school program; these can then be communicated to the formal policy-making body of the school (the School Advisory Council or SAC) for consideration.

2. To serve as one of the primary fundraising bodies for the School. Fundraising goals for the Association, established annually by the Principal, Association President and Pastor, are relied on as revenue in the St. Raphael school budget.


1. To help promote Catholic education;

2. To provide assistance to the Pastor, Principal and Teachers;

3. To encourage high standards through parental education and involvement

4. Support and implement funding activities for the school and provide input for the disbursement of the funds raised;

5. Administer the Volunteer Hour Program.


This association shall function under the guidance of the Pastor and shall be directly responsible to the Principal.


The membership shall include all school parents and teachers . General meetings shall be open to all parents who have students in the school and any other members of the parish and their guests.


1. The officer of this Association shall be the President, President- Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, six (6) elected representatives who shall constitute members-at-large of the Executive Board and a teacher representative.

2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board. He/she shall perform all of the duties pertaining to the office, shall appoint special committees, shall be an ex-officio member of committees appointed by the Association, except the nominating committee, and shall receive notices of all meetings.

3. The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, and shall assume the duties of the office until the next annual election if the office of President becomes vacant in addition to serving as the President the following year.

4. The Secretary shall keep a minute book showing a true and accurate record of all meetings of this Association and of the Executive Board and shall send notices of regular meetings to members prior to said meetings. He/she shall handle such correspondence as the President or Executive Board shall direct and shall perform such further duties as the Executive Board shall designate.

5. The Treasurer shall receive all dues and other monies, and shall make disbursements only as directed by the Executive Board with the approval of the Pastor and Principal, and the funds of the Association shall be deposited in such financial institution as the Executive Board shall designate. No funds shall be withdrawn except upon the check of such persons are designated by the Executive Board and countersigned by either the Pastor, Association President or  Principal. The Treasurer shall make a written annual report, which shall be examined and approved by the Pastor, Principal and the Executive Board. All funds handled by the Association shall be appropriately shown in the financial budgets of the school.

6. Terms of Office: The President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary shall each serve for one year in office. The President-Elect shall automatically assume the office of President for the following year without further vote from the membership. The six (6) elected representatives of the Executive Board shall each serve for a continuous term of two years. The remaining three (3) members shall be elected in odd-numbered years. Each designated terms of office shall be held for the fiscal year  beginning the day after the last day of school through the last calendar day of school the following year.


1. The administrative body of this Association shall be known as the Executive Board. The Board shall consist of a Priest-representative of the parish, the Association’s President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, six (6) representative members-at-large and the Principal.

2. All matters of the Association shall be vested in the Board.

3. For voting purposes, a quorum of the Executive Board shall be a majority of the members thereof (i.e. six of the ten voting members present).

4. All meetings of the Executive Board shall be held at the call of the President or any three (3) members of the Executive Boards, or the Principal.

5. The Executive Board shall have the right to fill temporarily any vacancies among the officers of the Association

6. The Executive Board shall have the right to appoint or delete permanent committees, and the President shall have the power to designate the chairperson of said committee.

7. The President of the Executive Board shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of SAC for St. Raphael School.

8. The Priest-representative and Principal shall be ex-officio non-voting members of the Executive Board.



 The fiscal year of this Association for the record keeping purposes shall run concurrent to the terms of office for the Treasurer..


 Nominations for officers shall be made by a nominating committee of three (3) members, at least one month previous to the election meeting. The nominating committee shall report at this meeting the names of the candidates for each office to be filled. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the election meeting. The consent of all nominees must have been obtained.


1. The election meeting shall take place at the last business meeting of the organizational year.

2. There shall be at least three (3) program meetings scheduled at fixed times during the year. Additional meetings can be called by the Executive Board.

3. At the annual meeting of the membership and any specially called meetings, those present shall constitute a quorum; a simple majority of votes rule, except for the two-thirds majority vote necessary to amend these Bylaws.

4. It is required that a family member attend at least  two Association meetings each year. Families failing to meet this requirement shall be fined five additional fundraising hours or $100.


 The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised,” shall govern this Association in all cases not otherwise covered by this Constitution and Bylaws.


 Proposed amendments to these Bylaws approved by the Executive Board shall be served by written notice on all members of the Association. A two-thirds vote of the membership attending a specially called meeting within 30 days from the notices shall be necessary to amend.


1. These are standing rules adopted on matters of the Association operation. These may be changed from time to time by the Executive Board without notice.

2. Dues shall be $10.00 annually, per school family, payable on or before October 15th of each year. Payment of dues entitles each membership family to a copy of the St. Raphael School Directory.

3. Program expenses shall be authorized upon recommendation of the President without Board approval up to an amount of $300.00 annually.

4. Copies of the Treasurer’s report shall be given to the Pastor and Principal  two days prior to  each meeting.

5. No fundraising activities shall be undertaken with the consent and approval of the Pastor, Association President and / or  Principal.

6. The Association shall administer the Volunteer Hour Program. Each family must volunteer 20 hours per year.  Ten (10) volunteer hours are manadatory by January and prior to re-registration. Volunteer hours are not transferable. Of the twenty (20) hours required, at least ten (10) must be used for fundraising activities. For those hours not volunteered, the family will be billed $20.00 per hour. Final report cards will not be released until full payment has been received.

Approved by order of the Executive Board this ___________ day of _________________, 2003