All St. Raphael Catholic School parents, faculty, and staff are members of theSt Raphael Home & School Association. The purpose of this association is to strengthen the partnership between the home and school by sponsoring activities or functions that foster a greater sense of community. The H&S Association supports the purpose and policies of the school, participates in school activities, and provides financial assistance to the school through various fundraising events.  

Click below to view the PowerPoint presented at the August 25th Home and School meeting.

H & S PowerPoint

Members of the 2016 - 2017 Home and School  Association Board
Principal – Kathy Bogataj
President – Jenny Kramer 
Secretary – Jenn Taylor & Katherine Zehr
Treasurer – Shaun McClung & Tara DeLucia 

Members at Large
Claudia Johnson
Ashley Ritter
Gina Misenhelder
Tara Hustedde
PJ Ermatinger
Darlene Henwood
Jenny Kramer
Peggy Matthes
Desirae Hirschman