Volunteer Tracking

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you for being a vital part of St. Raphael’s Catholic School. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive parents. St Raphael’s relies on Home & School Association to organize fundraising events to provide financial assistance to our school. Being a member of the Association is a great way to support your children’s education, meet new parents and share ideas to foster a thriving school.

All families are required to complete 20 hours of volunteer time with 10 of those hours being dedicated to fundraising efforts. The hours are tracked throughout the year and you will be reminded of the fundraising opportunities that are available to you. To an extent that a family has not volunteered for the twenty (20) hours, the family will be billed $30.00 for each hour under the required commitment. Even though we strongly encourage all of our families to volunteer, you may choose not to volunteer. If you choose not to volunteer you will be billed $600. Final report cards for students will not be released until all volunteer hours have been met or full payment has been received as noted above. A minimum of 10 fundraising hours are required, if you fall short of the fundraising hours you will be charged accordingly at the end of the year.

Volunteer hours are not transferable between families or otherwise and must be conducted by an adult (parent, guardian, grandparent, etc.) from each family.

In addition to fundraising volunteer hours, there are non-fundraising hours that you can earn by helping out the teachers, working in the classroom, driving for field trips and attending Home & School meetings. The Home & School Association will have three (3) mandatory meetings throughout the school year. Each family is required to attend at least two (2) of these meetings. Attending Home & School meetings is an easy way to earn an hour (1) per meeting of non-fundraising volunteer time. These meetings are necessary to communicate important school information and coordinate upcoming fundraisers. Door prizes will be given out at each meeting to one lucky winner!

To help you submit your volunteer hours, you can use the form https://goo.gl/forms/SSGnL3rT2HSlEh4I2 to enter several volunteer activities at one time. This form is the only way you can add your volunteer hours. You will need your family ID number to submit your hours. NOTE: The Family ID number you used for last year (2015/2016 school year) should be used again for this new school year. If you did not receive your ID number or need to be sent what your ID is, please email Robin Depenbrock at royalvolunteerhours@gmail.com.

You can check the hours you have logged by clicking the link below and searching the spreadsheet for your entries by your family #.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18Vt47IeGq7aAb9q-wDc-FiL8CYdPGwPLrJvA5QxVr4o/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=1789138268 

Participating in the fundraising events is a great way to build our community among parents and teachers. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have or email any comments to Home & School via Robin Depenbrock at royalvolunteerhours@gmail.com.

Thanks again for helping make our school the best it can be!

The Home & School Board