Our faith-based elementary school is focused on knowing each child’s individual strengths and interests while seeking ways to inspire and challenge all students. We create the opportunity for all to achieve his/her highest potential through a challenging core curriculum that stimulates students to think, question, evaluate, discover and create while blending both traditional and innovative approaches to learning.

Core Classes

Students receive instruction in faith formation, including Catholic Church teachings, moral decision making, social justice, prayer experiences, including weekly Mass.

Students engage with and analyze informational and literary complex texts with an emphasis on oral and written communication skills. A strong grammar skill base and the extension of vocabulary as tools for expressing learning across the curriculum is developed.

Students develop essential skills with number systems and number theory mastered and applied through problem-solving, real-world application and critical thinking activities.

Students are immersed in the Next Generations Science Standards through hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, conduct investigations and engage in scientific argumentation like real scientists and engineers.

Students become informed citizens through instruction on community, national and international studies of history, geography and social science, with an emphasis on Christian citizenship.