Students at St. Raphael Catholic School have consistently scored above the national and state averages of other students on standardized tests. School-wide averages in reading, language arts, math and other cores subjects are consistently 1-4 years above grade level. Our augmented curriculum which includes advanced math and science courses at the middle school level, Accelerated Math, and the Scholastic Reading Counts Program leads many of our graduates to success in International Baccalaureate (IB) and other advanced placement programs in both private and public high schools.

All students have the opportunity to participate in the Sunshine State Reading program, Scholastic Reading Counts and Accelerated Math program. They also may be involved in local academic competitions including the Spanish and math brain bowls at St. Petersburg Catholic High School and the National Geography Bee. An advanced math program is available for students in our middle school. This program includes intensive Algebra 1 as part of our mathematics curriculum for students who qualify. Students in the advanced math program are also in the accelerated science class. Our school is technologically enhanced with a full computer lab, 2-4 computers in every classroom, and projectors with interactive boards which provide students with a high level of technology.

Our guidance and resource programs provide assistance to students who have specific needs both academically and socially. The comprehensive guidance program includes small group and individual counseling. With our resource teacher, students work in small groups or alone to obtain the support they require to be successful.

St. Raphael strives to provide a well rounded Christ centered curriculum to all children!

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