¡Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de español!  Hello and welcome to Spanish class!  Saint Raphael Catholic School is proud to provide students in EC-4 through 8th grade a rich introduction to the Spanish language and culture.  

   Our model starts with simple sounds and vocabulary.  We strengthen these skills through songs, chants, finger plays and interactive games.  Each year, students build on previous knowledge, terms and expressions by adding complementary ways to converse.

   In the upper grades, language acquisition is supplemented with technology integration.  Students converse both in person and electronically to reinforce not only speaking skills but listening abilities as well.  These students may be superior in size, but they sing and play too.

   One step inside the Spanish classroom and ears can be filled with an exciting buzz.  Real-life conversations, repeated reassurance and encouragement can all be heard.  It can be a boisterous place, but the door is always open.  Por favor, stop by!

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