“The legacy of a Catholic education is more than the knowledge imparted to our students; it is the development of a deep and abiding sense of faith, the realization of the value of moral character and the inspiration of a life-long journey of learning.” 
--Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

Emphasizing Spiritual Life...
Our Catholic Faith is our constant guide and is embedded into the school day through prayer, religion class and participation in the weekly, student-led Mass.

Working Together as One...
While faith development and academic excellence are hallmarks of our school, our strong sense of community is a distinguishing characteristic which we have come to cherish. The families of St. Raphael are members of a community that support and care for each other.

Preparing for the Future...
We provide a challenging core curriculum that stimulates students to think, question, evaluate, discover and create. Students encounter a broad variety of experiences that blend both traditional and innovative approaches to learning. Students participate in field trips, science fairs, art exhibits, spelling, geography, speech, and math competitions.

Our students consistently score above the state and national averages on standardized tests. School-wide averages in reading, language arts, math, and other core subjects are generally 1-4 years above grade level. 

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